Silica Sand

Natural silica sand is generally mined from clay mines and then it is thoroughly processed (washing, drying and sieving) to remove organic and inorganic impurities (like clay) etc. After proper processing it exhibits 99+ SiO2 and less than 0.5% clay and minerals.

Silica sand term is commonly used for Natural Silica Sand and generally interchangeable with Quartz sand and Industrial Sand etc. Minnovation Corp have quarries that have enormous deposits of silica sands. Our automated plants can process 300 MT Silica Sand per day.

It can be used for in wide variety of industries, as below:

1. Water filter Sand (filter media)
2. Construction sand for pre mix / ready mix mortar
3. Foundry and Molding sand
4. Glass manufacturing
5. Abrasive media for sand blasting, grinding and polishing.
6. Metallurgical uses
7. In hydraulic fracturing of oil fields.
8. Fertilizers
9. Cement industries

supplier of Silica Sand
supplier of Silica Sand

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